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Born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica, I studied acting and graduated with a BA from the Castella Arts Conservatory. I continued my studies with a BS degree in Social Communications with a major in Audiovisual Production, at the Universidad de Costa Rica.


After years of working in TV and film, in front and behind the camera, and working as a voice over talent for both radio and TV commercials, I moved to New York in 2014.


Fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, now I can successfully communicate in Portuguese as well. 

I'm currently in the process of getting certified as a Holden Qi Gong instructor. I've been also practicing Reiki since 2020.




At the third Festival Viva Voz in Colombia, in 2022, I won the category of "Mejor Voz Demo" (Best Voice Demo). The Viva Voz Festival is an international awards festival that gathers submissions from all over Latin America. 

At the Lavat Awards in Mexico, in 2021, I was one of three nominees for the category "Mejor Locutora Comercial" (Best Female Commercial Voice Over Artist). The Lavat awards are Mexico's most important VO recognition also gathering Spanish speaking talent from all of Iberoamerica.

Some of my commercial work include TV commercials for Travelocity, Sennheiser and Spectrum and Spanish voice overs for Zales, Clorox, 7ElevenJCPenney, Vagisil, USPS, Geico, Zalles, NY Lotto, Altice, Bacardi, Nutella, Frito Lays, Pop TartsDavid's Bridal, and IHOP.

Since 2013, I give voice to Mamá Lucha, the mascot superhero character of Pali and Despensa Familiar, a supermarket chain in all Central America. 

Listen to my latest demo here.


At the New Short Play Festival - Season 6 (March 2019), I was awarded the Best Dramatic Actress award for my work on "The Match". A play I wrote called "Super Baby" was nominated in the Best Play category. And to complete the triple threat, I was also nominated as Best Director!


The short play "Talk Qwerty To Me", written by me and acted by me and Craig Woodward, won Best Play, Best Actress, and Best Actor at the New Short Play Festival - Season 4, which took place in New York in May 2018.


My play Squid was performed at the NSPF - Season 5 (October 2018) and out of a total of 45 plays and more than 40 actors, I got nominations for Best Actress, and Best Play. My director and my scene partner were also nominated for Best Director and Best Actor. 


I also wrote the short play "Parallel Universe", a thoughtful comedy about immigration, stereotypes, and racism. The play premiered this late September at the Season 3 of The Network Theatre Showcase, a 10-minute play festival with 55 plays. "Parallel Universe" was nominated for Best Play along with other 4 pieces. 


And I got nominated too! As Best Actress, for my work as Mariana on "Parallel Universe", and Best Supporting Actress for playing Sophia on "Family Day".


You can hear me as the official voice for Beatlife , a digital radio station from Panama. 

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